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Our distinctive investment philosophy

Building a bridge between financial and social returns by investing in high-quality, sustainable companies with a long-term perspective.

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Sustainability report

Marian Hogeslag
(4 March 1966 – 25 September 2023)

Strong, Determined & Full of life

On 25 September, our colleague and dear friend Marian Hogeslag passed away. Marian was the founder of ActivInvestor, which merged with DoubleDividend in 2014. Marian was also statutory director and co-shareholder of DoubleDividend Management BV.

In memoriam

DoubleDividend won the 2022 FD Gazellen award for the fifth year in a row

The FD Gazellen is an award presented to the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands with revenue growth of at least 20% for at least three consecutive years.

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Impact investing for a sustainable future

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015 are a set of goals for sustainable development to apply to all countries. At DoubleDividend we assess companies on their contribution to these SDGs.

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