Investment philosophy

Investing in quality: our ‘big five’

Companies selected for the DD Funds must comply with the DoubleDividend ‘big five’ criteria.

Investing in quality: our ‘big five’
1. Sustainability 2. Business model 3. Management and track record 4. Balance sheet 5. Valuation

1. Sustainability

Sustainability makes a positive contribution to a company’s risk-return profile. Sustainable companies have a long-term focus and are more innovative..

2. Business model

A strong business model is crucial for the long term. We prefer companies with a strong brand, a solid market position and high margins.

3. Management and track record

A company and its management must have a proven track record when it comes to revenue and profit growth. 

4. Balance sheet

A strong balance sheet is extremely important. It provides a buffer to get through tough times unscathed and opportunities to invest sufficiently in the company’s own business model.

5. Valuation

Paying a reasonable price for an investment is important with a view to achieving the targeted return.

  • Quality

    Investing in quality ensures that the investment portfolio is resilient.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability makes a positive contribution to the risk-return profile of an investment portfolio. See also the 2020 Sustainability Report (Dutch only).

  • Long-term focus

    The value of the investments is determined in the long term.

  • An eye for risk

    Risk is the permanent loss of capital in view of the investment perspective and not the interim volatility.

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  • No benchmark

    Focused on achieving an absolute return, not outperforming a benchmark.

  • Realistic return

    Focused on achieving a realistic return while taking risks into account.

For DoubleDividend, being more sustainable means responding to the following three global challenges:


Integration of ESG1 and Sustainable Development Goals 

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be ranked under the three global abovementioned challenges. The SDGs are part of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and are, in our opinion, a good starting point for a broad sustainability agenda. Because of this focus the SDGs have been included in our sustainability analysis.

1 ESG stands for environmental, social and governance aspects.