About us

DoubleDividend stands for quality, conviction and commitment

DoubleDividend is an independent specialist in the field of responsible investment that manages investment funds and offers tailor-made asset management services.

It is our belief that high-quality, sustainable companies are more promising in the long term, run fewer risks and therefore deliver a better financial and social return.

Important criteria for our investment policy are a long-term perspective, high quality, relatively low risk profile, conviction and commitment. Do you feel the same? Then consider choosing one of our investment funds or we can compose a made-to-measure investment portfolio.

DoubleDividend has a passion for investing and is socially engaged


  • Has a distinctive investment philosophy with good results.
  • Is an independent partnership.
  • Has years of knowledge and experience with investing, sustainability and corporate governance.
  • Is supervised by the AFM and DNB (licenced under the Dutch Financial Supervision Act, ‘Wft’).

Our services consist of:

Management of DD Funds

  • DD Equity Fund, a global equity fund.
  • DD Income Fund, a global bond fund
  • DD Alternative Fund, a globally equity fund that invests in alternative asset classes (real estate and infrastructure)

Asset Management

  • Diversified, sustainable, high-quality investment portfolio
  • In principle, the investment portfolio is composed of DD Funds

DoubleDividend named best choice in 2019
and 2020 as well as winner of the 2019
IEX Gouden Stier in the category
Best Asset Manager in the Netherlands