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  • Remco Vinck

    Remco Vinck (1973)

    Remco’s decision to study Economics was a logical consequence of his great passion: investing. From an early age Remco would read the economics section of the newspaper and he invested his first savings in dollars. After obtaining his Economics degree from the University of Amsterdam, Remco attended Cass Business School at City University London, specialising in property investment. A job as a portfolio manager in property equities for Achmea Global Investors was a logical next step for Remco. It was not long before Ward Kastrop joined the team and the two have been working together ever since. In 2001 Remco took responsibility for researching listed property equities at ABN AMRO. He later continued to do this at Petercam Bank and Kempen & Co, where he put the property activities firmly on the map. Only top quality is good enough for Remco and he will not settle for anything less, knowing only too well that consistency is crucial to long-term investors. In 2009 Remco decided to broaden his horizons and get out of his comfort zone so he took over a café-restaurant with his brother-in-law. However, investing remained his main hobby. And so in 2013 Remco decided to join DoubleDividend where he and the team members approach investment in their own unique way: quality comes first and sustainability is an important part of that.

    Remco is responsible for the investment portfolios.

    Remco’s love for Amsterdam is matched by his love of life and the great outdoors. His passion is cooking.


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  • Marian Hogeslag

    Marian Hogeslag (1966)

    After studying French language and literature at Utrecht University, in 1991 Marian joined Paribas Deelnemingen, the private equity arm of BNP Paribas in the Netherlands. It was there that she discovered her passion for investing in mainly family-owned businesses. For several years she also worked for the subsidiary Paribas Advies, both in Amsterdam and Paris, where she was responsible for various mergers, acquisitions and capital market transactions. In 2001 she joined Petercam Bank as Director of Corporate Finance where she met Ward Kastrop and Remco Vinck. In light of developments in the field of good corporate governance and shareholder stewardship, Marian decided to set up ActivInvestor Management in 2005. ActivInvestor Management was specialised in property equity investments, corporate governance and shareholder stewardship. On 1 April 2014 ActivInvestor Management joined forces with DoubleDividend. This merger fused the different disciplines within the two companies: sustainability, investment and corporate governance.

    Marian assists the portfolio managers and performs ESG analyses within DoubleDividend. As co-statutory director she also holds primary responsibility for the in-house organisation.

    Marian loves to write and co-wrote Goudmijn, alles wat een vrouw moet weten over geld (‘Goldmine, everything a woman needs to know about money’) and Met minder euro’s door het leven (‘Getting through life on fewer euros’). Her passion is art and specifically nurturing young artists.


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  • Ward Kastrop

    Ward Kastrop (1971)

    After completing his Business Economics studies, Ward became a property equity analyst at Global Property Research in 1997. This enabled him to indulge his fascination for numbers. With a gift for analysing companies combined with a pragmatic view of the world, he joined Achmea Global Investors in 1999. Together with Remco Vinck he managed a global portfolio of property equities. The two have worked together ever since. In 2001 Ward joined ABN AMRO to master the other side of the business. This was followed by stints at Petercam Bank and Kempen & Co, with Ward successfully building his property equity brokerage activities wherever he worked, relying on his specific knowledge, a commitment to high quality and the resulting ability to build up a client franchise. After his hectic years in the financial sector Ward decided in 2009 that other things were also important in his life. After a round-the-world trip he joined DoubleDividend in 2010, enabling him to unite numbers and sustainability.

    Ward deals with investments at DoubleDividend. He is also a co-statutory director of the company.

    Ward is a real family man who enjoys a happy and healthy lifestyle. He is committed to local cultural initiatives and appreciates the little things in life. His passion is to always get the best out of everything he does.


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Cheozung Ngyamtso


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Daniëlle Timmerman


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Chris van Muijden


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Ron Coerver


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Mark Staal


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DoubleDividend has established an Advisory Board. The Advisory Board plays an advisory role only and acts as a confidential adviser to the compliance officer. The members of the Advisory Board do not receive any remuneration for bringing in customers and only receive a limited fixed remuneration each year for their advisory activities, which is included in the annual report. The Advisory Board acts as a sounding board, provides constructive feedback to management, and its members serve as ambassadors of DoubleDividend.

The Advisory Board currently consists of three members: Floris Lambrechtsen, Philip Menco and Andreas Reigersman, each with their own specific background in society and the world of finance. Furthermore, Rien van Gendt is involved in DoubleDividend as an advisor with his wealth of experience in aligning the mission of foundations with investments.

The Advisory Board of DoubleDividend Management B.V. consists of the following members:

Floris Lambrechtsen

Floris was a pioneer in the field of sustainable investment in the Netherlands, mainly as an adviser to pension funds and asset managers. After putting sustainability on the map for institutional investors as a consultant at KPMG, Floris decided in 2007 to set up his own consultancy, DoubleDividend. This shaped his ambition to bring together capital and sustainability in a progressive way. Floris followed his heart in 2016, leaving DoubleDividend Management as a partner to continue his career in education. Since 2017 he has enjoyed teaching at a primary school while taking on a few administrative positions. Floris joined the Advisory Board in November 2016. He also remains involved in the company as a shareholder.

Philip Menco

After having served as CEO of De Eendragt Pensioen for a decade and prior to that fulfilling positions at various financial institutions (including Head of Investment Strategy at APG and ING), Philip has been active in the pension industry as a member of investment committees and as a coach of board members since 2014. In addition, Philip dedicates a lot of his time to charitable organisations, mainly as a volunteer. That is where his knowledge of investment and extensive management experience stands him in good stead. His advisership of DoubleDividend is a good fit with the combination of his professional experience and social commitment.

Andreas Reigersman

Andreas has been a healthcare consultant and a director in small-scale healthcare real estate since 2012. In addition, he is a supervisor at organisations that focus on improving social and ecological health in society, for example in the field of healthcare and on country estates. He has a background in banking at ING, within the Dutch management board of Triodos Bank and within the private banking management board of Van Lanschot Kempen. For Andreas, DoubleDividend represents a philosophy that harnesses investment expertise to shape the social movement towards sustainability.

Rien van Gendt is an adviser to DoubleDividend

Rien van Gendt

Rien van Gendt has fulfilled various management roles in the private and public sectors. Following his retirement in 2007 he established Van Gendt Philanthropy Services. He is on the board of numerous foundations, NGOs and companies, including as vice chairman of the supervisory board of the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), as chairman of the Investment Committee of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and as a member of the supervisory board of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (New York). He is also an advisor to the G Star Raw Corporate Foundation (Amsterdam).

Rien van Gendt fully subscribes to the investment philosophy of DoubleDividend: connecting investments with the social missions of foundations and other organisations.