Marian Hogeslag

4 March 1966 – 25 September 2023

Strong, Determined & Full of life

On 25 September, our colleague and dear friend Marian Hogeslag passed away. Marian was the founder of ActivInvestor, which merged with DoubleDividend in 2014. Marian was also statutory director and co-shareholder of DoubleDividend Management BV.

We met Marian in 2002 when the three of us worked together at Petercam in Amsterdam. We fondly remember our first meeting with Marian. What an energy! You knew immediately that you were dealing with a special woman: a flamboyant style of dress, her heart on her sleeve and an incredible drive. Marian was not to be trifled with and she clearly had no trouble holding her own in the – at the time mainly – male financial world. She was ‘one of the guys’.

When Marian started her own company in 2004, we stayed in touch both professionally and privately. In 2014, her company ActivInvestor and DoubleDividend merged. At first, this took some getting used to for her. Marian liked to do things her own way and was only able to change her mind when very good arguments were made. The combination of our companies soon turned out to be a perfect match. DoubleDividend grew rapidly in the following years, thanks to a large part of Marian’s dedication, energy and pursuit of quality. At the office, she made sure everything was organized down to the last detail. The bar was never high enough for her.

Marian had only one e-mail address and that was no coincidence; she was the exact same person professionally and privately. Marian had a strong social commitment and it came straight from the heart. She had her own views on sustainability and social issues. Marian was by no means complacent in this either. She had a genuine interest in others and knew how to touch people. Marian was much more than a colleague to us and more than an advisor to many clients.

Despite the chemotherapy, she just kept working until this wasn’t physically possible anymore. That defined Marian; giving up was not an option. The funeral took place on Monday 2 October. We will greatly miss her sharpness, engaging personality and drive.

On behalf of DoubleDividend

Ward Kastrop

Remco Vinck

‘One of a kind’

We will greatly miss her sharpness, engaging personality and drive.